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PPC Classroom – Day 2 – Baby Steps to Super Affiliate Stardom

Posted on 30 September 2007 by SonHouse

Ok, I’m not an affiliate super star yet, but plan on being one within the next year. If all goes as planned, PPC Classroom will deliver me to star status. It’s good to dream, right? I mean, I’m confidant in my marketing and technical abilities and I have had some proven successes in this business so it makes sense to me that an investment in my education buy buying this course should pay off…BIG! Right?

Anyway, I’ve been browsing the online forums at PPC Classroom and posted my first thread, an introduction thread if you will..nothing big just a quick hello. I noticed at the time I was on there that there were 126 separate threads in the intro category and over 1,000 users in the members list so, I’d say they’ve done pretty well for launch week.

Now it’s time for them to deliver! I feel good about what I’ve seen so far in the forum. Anik and Jeremy are frequent posters and seem to have answered most of the questions I’ve seen so far. There is some talk about when the product is shipping and some general concerns about various things but the feedback so far seems to be positive overall.

I don’t think anyone has received the physical product yet, but you can download Jeremy’s ebook, High Performance Affiliate Marketing, for free once you sign up. Some people were a bit concerned they were being charged for the ebook but I was never worried about that, the link took me right to the download page, I just had to enter a few details about myself and then, bam, I got the ebook at no charge, as it should be. I think the ebook was a last minute addition in bonuses which is why there was a little confusion there….no big deal.

We are also waiting for a video post of a webinar that took place on 9/27/07, a few days ago. I missed it but the webinar was supposed to cover how to use the “tool” that Jeremy has used for years. The video has not been posted yet, but I’m sure will be up soon. I haven’t found any other info on the “tool” yet, but I’m sure that is coming as well.

The first big assignment of the course is to read that ebook. I’m about 1/2 way through and so far it seems to be pretty straight forward. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a while so most of the info is very familiar to me but I have picked up some good tips. I’ll give a more comprehensive review when I’m done reading it.

Can’t wait to get the physical products, Anik said that an email will go out with tracking info as soon as it all ships which should be in the next few days. We’ll see how fast I get it.

So far so good..

**Tool Update** I just found out that there was an issue with an open source script used in the tool that comes with PPC Classroom. Apparently, the script cannot be redistributed as part of another application. So, Jeremy and company are writing that part of the code from scratch and are testing the final tool to make sure everything is working fine before releasing it to the rest of us. In the meantime, some training videos are being posted tomorrow. I’ll post on those asap. Sounds like they’ve fixed this issue, but probably should have checked all open source issues before launch. Hard lesson learned I’m sure.

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PPC Classroom – Day 1 – Pulling the Trigger

Posted on 29 September 2007 by SonHouse

I’ve been debating back and forth about purchasing PPC Classroom for the last few weeks. I consider myself an advanced PPC SEM guy and was really not sure how this program would benefit someone like myself, but after serious consideration, a look at the tools and services that come with the program, and my recent issues with some ppc campaigns I’ve been running, see recent posts, I decided to give it shot.

I’m going to blog about my experience as I go along so other marketers can see how the program works and whether or not my affiliate sales do in fact grow due to the program. I have high expectations as my best month in affiliate sales so far was this past July 2007, I did about $4000 that month, not bad, but I’d like to see that monthly income grow 2 to 3 times that over the next 6 months and I hope this course gives me the answers, tools, and training I need to accomplish this goal. I guess we’ll find out…

I’ve been following the PPC Classroom pre sales collateral for a few weeks starting by signing up for the newsletter on 9/13/07 after receiving an email from Jeremy Palmer about his new product, PPC Classroom. I continued to receive new emails from Anik and Jeremy every few days keeping me up to date on the launch. After watching the various videos and reading all the website info, I started thinking pretty hard about signing up for the course.

I almost pulled the trigger on launch day 9/25/07 but I decided to wait and see if they offered different payment options and see if I could find some feedback on the course before I made the purchase. I even tried to win a free copy on the phone call the night before the launch but unfortunately I was not the fastest email draw on the questions asked, although, I feel that my answers were much better than the so called winners. The first question was something like, “Name one feature of the online tool that comes with the program”. The winning answer was a sort of vague “PPC Cost”. Even Anik balked at it, but Jeremy cleared it through. I answered “PPC campaign management”, which sounds like a perfect answer to me, denied! The other question was something about “why jeremy is not afraid to give out this info and possibly lose market share?” The winning answer was another vague more general answer that was a few sentences long and must have been typed ahead of time, to have made it there so fast. My answer, “Strong position in marketplace” was a bit shorter than I wanted it to be but I feel was to the point. Anyway, no hard feelings.

So, my main concern about the program was how it might benefit someone who has been doing PPC on all 3 networks for more than a few years. I have been having some trouble recently with quality scoring issues and selecting those offers that convert the best. Since the course includes a manual on quality scoring and the list of all offers that Jeremy has pushed for the last few years and his thinking process in selecting those offers, I thought this information alone, along with the online tool, may be worth the investment. But the deal was sealed once I read through the bonuses and realized that these guys are providing quite a bit of after sales service and support via the forum, webinars, website and the trip to Vegas for the live event. All these things combined have convinced me to give the course a try. So today, 9/29/07, I decided to pull the trigger and make the purchase. I opted for the payment plan which is a nice option and was immediately redirected to the member area where Anik had recorded a welcome video.

He starts out the video by congratulating me for joining the course and mentions that the course is on it’s way and that I should receive it within a few days. Also, he says that the training does not officially begin until 10/10/07, the first webinar, and that the new members should review the first few modules of the manual before then to be prepared. He also suggests hitting the forums right away to introduce yourself etc. I’m heading there now….

Anyway, I’ll keep posting here as I go through the course so tune in to see if I can reach my goal within 6 months using PPC Classroom. I’m excited to get started and feel pretty good about the program so far…wish me luck.

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Affiliate Marketers Beware! Watch Out For The Paused or Dropped Offer!

Posted on 17 September 2007 by SonHouse

So, I’ve been running a few great converting affiliate offers for about a year and finally have my conversions to a point that is relatively dependable, which is hard to do in this biz, and wouldn’t you know it, I log into my affiliate account the other day to find these offers paused for the next few weeks.

I contacted my affiliate manager about things, and he mentioned that the company is reworking landing pages, etc.  which is all fine and dandy, but why kill the offer to do so?  I’m sure they reached their budget for the month or something, it just hurts the bottom line when something like this happens.

Word to the wise, never keep all of your eggs in one basket.  You need to have multiple offers running at all times.  NEVER get complacent!  If you do, you’ll wake up to find your month in the toilet.  This has happened to me a few times before, so I was prepared and continue to test, test and test different offers with different networks at all times.   You should do the same….

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