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PPC Classroom – Day 21 – Direct Nibbles

Posted on 24 October 2007 by SonHouse

A few more sales for the day which is always good. I got my first few nibbles on one of the direct campaigns I set up a few days ago. It generated 2 leads for the day, not much, but it gives me an idea of the keywords that are converting. I can take that information and start to build out similar campaigns on msn and yahoo. I know you can’t go direct with yahoo but I can build out a small site once I get a few more keywords to target. I also had another sale in my site campaign, that brings the total there to 10 in 5 days.

The Optimize My Site software that came with PPC Classroom is proving to be a valuable tool thus far. Once you get the reports, cost and commission, uploaded into the system, you can really get a detailed view as to what is happening with your campaigns for all three ad networks combined. There are a few features I would like to see added and Jeremy is working on updates as we go along with the course, but so far I’m pretty impressed with how it works.

One of the new things I learned about the software is it allows you to mask or cloak affiliate links very easily. All you have to do is create your merchants and add your affiliate links, then the tool creates a new link, or cloaked link, that you use instead of the affiliate link, this passes the user through your site so you can track them properly. This was one stumbling block in my affiliate marketing efforts before the course. I was able to use conversion tracking in google and yahoo and using sub ids I was able to track some of the same things that OMS tracks but when you do that you have to make sure the appropriate code is installed on the merchant confirmation page which is not always that easy to do. You have to rely on your affiliate manager and network to do that for you, which has been a problem for me at times.

I need to find a few more direct campaigns that convert to add to the list. The good news there is it doesn’t take much time to do it since I don’t have to build out an entire site to test the offers out.

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PPC Classroom – Day 20 – Sales, Sales and More Sales

Posted on 22 October 2007 by SonHouse

I’ve had 4 more sales on my second campaign, so it’s generated 9 sales in 4 days total.  Not too bad and the interesting thing about today’s sales is I noticed that they must have come from visitors that came to the site a few days ago.   I’m tracking everything with OMS so I can see within the sub id which visitors made the purchase.  This is good news because it means I’m getting the proper credit.

Anyway, the direct campaigns haven’t generated anything as of yet, CTR has been low though since the only ads that are showing are in the long tail keywords.  The answer there is I guess more keywords which means more and more research.  I know what I’ll be doing then for the next few days.

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PPC Classroom – Day 19 – Direct Linking, Yay or Nay?

Posted on 21 October 2007 by SonHouse

I’ve launched 4 direct linking campaigns with multiple ad groups in each to try and test a few different offers.  I’ve never really tried this approach as I thought it was just impossible to compete against all the other affiliates and the merchant at the same time.  After listening to the call the other day with Jeremy, I decided to start using it as a testing ground for new offers especially before I invest time and money in building new sites.

I’ve been using the google adwords keyword tool to build my keyword lists and have had a few clicks in the last 24 hours but no conversions yet on the direct offers.  One thing I will say though is I haven’t had any problems with quality score, most of keywords are great or good which lets me bid .03 to .05 on the low side.  The only problem there is I’m competing for the one spot that google allows for the same display url, so it’s up to the bid I guess to see who gets the spot.  Google does tell you in adwords which words you might have a conflict with but you will be able to see some where there is no conflict at all, the long tail keywords.

I’ll keep building my adgroups out for these and adding a few more to the list so I can hopefully get a few to convert.  Since starting PPC Classroom, I’ve launched 6 campaigns, 4 direct and 2 to landing pages.  One of the landing page sites is converting well, the other is crapping out on I’ll probably drop it right away.  My goal is to have 10 converting campaigns in the next 6 months so I’m 10% of the way there.

So, Yay or Nay?  The jury is still out…

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