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SpeedPPC – PPC Marketing Made Easy! Part 3

Posted on 19 March 2008 by SonHouse

Now lets take a look at the campaign that I created using SpeedPPC.

Here’s the entire campaign after being loaded into adwords.  Notice that all the adgroups are separated using the expansion keyword that SpeedPPC generated in the output data.  I have experimented with different grouping methods.  SpeedPPC makes this extremely easy to do by clicking on the grouping options on the first page of the application.


Notice how the quality score is “OK” in the image below and my min bid is only .20.  My ad position is holding steady at 6th or 7th position which is a perfect place to be.  I can change this of course by raising my bid price if I choose which I have done for a few of these keywords.  Also, notice that th CTR, click through rate, is pretty good for a few of these keywords.  One is 2.46% which is great, google loves it when you have a good ctr and will reward you with lower bid prices and higher ad positions.


SpeedPPC generates dynamically created landing pages for each and every keyword within your adgroups.  Setting it up is easy to do in your html editor, just cut and paste some SpeedPPC code where you want the seed, expansion or final keyword to appear within the landing page.  Here is an example of how a landing page is dynamically generated for the keyword, “Monroe Dating”.  You can see that I have used the dynamic variables  in 5 different places on this landing page.  I used the SpeedPPC final keyword grouping for the title of the page and categories and I used the expansion keyword in the site areas promoting yahoo personals and singlesnet.


The powerful thing about this tool is that I have over 390 adgroups in this one campaign and each adgroup has 36 Âkeywords so that’s over 14,040 unique landing pages that are generated thanks to SpeedPPC.

I also continue to use SpeedPPC while managing my exisiting campaigns.  You can build out new keyword lists once you collect conversion data and drill down deeper into your converting keywords.  You can then upload the new data into an existing campaign.  I just can’t tell you enough how much time this product saves…that’s the real benefit at the end of the day.  Time is money, right?

SpeedPPC has helped me so much in my business and I’m sure it can do the same for you.  Give it a try and see for’ll never go back to building campaigns manually once you’ve used SpeedPPC.


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SpeedPPC – PPC Marketing Made Easy! Part 2

Posted on 17 March 2008 by SonHouse

In the first part of this 3 part SpeedPPC series, I showed you how to create a new campaign using SpeedPPCSpeedPPC builds out your keyword list, destination urls, and ad copy within minutes.

Now, I’m going to show you how easy it is to upload your SpeedPPC campaign data using Adwords editor.  If you don’t use either of these powerful tools, you need to try them asap.

Here’s a screen shot of adwords editor in action…it’s like using excel to manage your campaigns and you do it offline and then just post your changes to adwords.


Click on the keyword tab and then on the Make Multiple Changes tab.  Once your there, cut and paste the keyword output from SpeedPPC into the field like you see in the screen shot below.


Click on the adgroup tab and set your min and max bid for your selected adgroups.


Now, click on the campaigns tab and enter your daily budget information and choose whether you want this campaign to run on the content network or search network.  I usually split them up but in this example I am running both.


We also need to cut and paste the ad copy data from SpeedPPC into the Adwords editor.

Click on the text ads tab and then on the multiple changes tab, you will load another text box where you simply cut and paste the ad copy data from SpeedPPC.  Here’s what it will look like.


Here’s what the ads look like once they’re loaded into Adwords.  You can scroll up and down the list to double check the ad copy.


Click on the Post Changes button at the top and your SpeedPPC created campaign will automatically upload into Adwords.


In my next post, SpeedPPC – PPC Marketing Made Easy! Part 3, I’ll show you what the campaign looks like in adwords and show you how the dynamically created landing pages look.

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SpeedPPC – PPC Marketing Made Easy! Part 1

Posted on 15 March 2008 by SonHouse

One of the most time consuming things you have to do when building out your campaigns for ppc marketing is the actual launching of the campaign itself.

That includes a number of things like keyword grouping, writing your ads, and creating various landing pages to match your ad copy and keywords.

I’ve done this for years manually which can take an excruciating amount of time and energy to accomplish.  I’ve used tools like excel to help group and organize my keywords into tight highly targeted adgroups, written the ad copy and created separate html landing pages for each and every adgroup.

Although this is very effective and necessary in today’s ppc marketing world, it is very time consuming.  I don’t know about you, but I can spend my time more wisely by researching new niches and creating new campaigns instead of spending days launching a completed campaign.

With SpeedPPC, you can do this monumental task within a few minutes.  It’s easy!  Here’s all you need to do….

  1. Use SpeedPPC to quickly build out your keyword list, destination urls, landing pages, and ad copy.
  2. Use Adwords editor to create and upload your campaign.
  3. Watch your quality score rise and your minimum bids drop while you increase your profits all the way to the bank…NICE!

This is a great program I must say.  I recently launched a campaign in the online dating niche.  Now, this niche is very competitive and hard to tap into but with this tool, I was able to put together my list of keywords and build out the campaign within minutes.

As you can see SpeedPPC’s user interface is self explanatory and very easy to use.  The program has 4 main tabs, Keyword Setup, Pricing & URL, Ad Setup and Output, that you click through to build your campaign.

The first tab is your Keyword Setup area…here all you do is name your campaign, select campaign type, single or dual, list your seed keywords in the left column and your expansion keywords in the right column.



My seed keywords are made up of more broad dating keywords.  The right column, in this case study, is a list of all US cities that have a population of 100,000 or more.

You can build out your adgroups by seed, expansion, final pairing or create your own adgroup name.

In this example, I chose to group the keywords into separate adgroups by the expansion keyword, the city.

The next tab is where you enter your pricing info for match types and build out your destination url.  The destination URL contains all of the dynamic variables that you pass along to the landing page.  For example, if someone clicks on the ad for “Monroe Dating” they are taken to a page which has the title, “Monroe Dating”.  This will help dramatically improve your quality score for this keyword and lower your min bid price.



The third tab is the Ad Setup page.  I always build out 2 ads so I can test one against the other.  Once the campaign is running, I continue to change the ads to increase ctr. SpeedPPC allows you to insert dynamic variables within the ad copy to create highly targeted highly relevant ads.  This is one of the greatest features of the product…to do this manually would take hours.



The last tab is the Output page for all 3 networks, google, msn and yahoo.  All you have to do now is cut and paste the output data for the ads and keywords into the adwords editor or upload it to yahoo or msn.  It’s that simple….


In the next post, Speed PPC – PPC Marketing Made Easy! Part 2, I’ll show you how to use the adwords editor to upload your SpeedPPC created campaign.  Stay tuned…..


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