Bringing Down The House

Posted on 05 April 2007 by SonHouse

Have you ever heard people say that in Vegas, “The House always has the advantage?”  Well..they do, in fact although it’s a small percentage, they know that they will always win in the long run, it’s a mathematical certainty.  How do you think they build all those huge hotels in the middle of the desert?

I believe that affiliates can take the ad network house with a very calculated approach to ppc and affiliate marketing.  By knowing for certain what your ROI is and what your breakeven point is per click, and making sure you stay in the positive you will make money, lots of it, if you have the ad budget.

Keeping your ROI in the black can be tricky when you are doing PPC but if you know your stats and manage your keywords correctly, you can do it and you will have the advantage and take the house everytime.  It takes some time to test everything and some trial and error but once you get it right, stand back!

Keep a close eye on your quality score.  A poor keyword score can jack up your bids out of money making range if you’re not careful.  Finding those keywords that convert and that you can have a “Great” quality score with, is money in the bank.

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