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Back In Google’s Index….well, sort of.

Posted on 27 August 2006 by SonHouse

I posted a few weeks back how one of my sites had been receiving increased traffic from google.  A bunch of my pages were getting number one spots in the SERPS for keywords I was targeting.  I was finally making some decent revenue and then one day, poof, it was gone.

This particular site is an aggregate site, put together from copyright free articles I found online.  After some research, I discovered that google may have banned the domain due to a duplicate content penalty.  Anyway, I had accepted that this is what probably happened and decided to move on and work on some other sites.  I submitted a reinclusion request, but never heard from google, one way or the other..then one day, boom, the pages were back in the index…well the supplemental index that is.

After doing some research about the supplemental index, I discovered that it is just one step above being gone all together.  I guess it’s better than nothing but I haven’t really seen any increase in the traffic to that site at this point.

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