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Summer Breeze

Posted on 13 August 2006 by SonHouse

I’ve played guitar and bass for the better part of the last 25 years. A good friend of mine lives here in Austin so we get together every now and then and record some music and just jam a bit. So he calls me one day and asks if I remember the band Seals and Crofts, you know the guys who sang the tunes, Summer Breeze and Get Closer. They are on most 70’s compilation cd’s available. Well, it ends up that one of the guys in that band, Dash Crofts, lives in the Austin area and is a member of the same religion, bahai, that my buddy practices.


Every year, the bahai community has a regional gathering here in Austin, that goes on for a few days with speakers etc. They also provide entertainment on the last night of the conference and were trying to get Dash Crofts to perform. My friend was in charge of contacting him to set it all up. He managed to get Dash to commit to the concert and had to meet with him early on to show Dash he could play. It ends up, they needed a bass player to fill in so my friend got me involved at that point.


I spent the next few weeks practicing all the tunes on their greatest hits album, including all the hits, like Summer Breeze, Diamond Girl, Get Closer, etc. We then had a few rehersals at my house, which was very cool indeed. Dash came over, shades and all, and we set up the equipment in the living room and played all the tunes that made him famous in the 70’s. He plays a mandolin, the same one actually that he recorded all those hits with, so the sound was really good and the vocal harmonies were tight.


We played the concert on a Friday night in February to a good size crowd at the bahai conference. Things went so well, Dash even asked us to possibly tour with him sometime.


It was a very cool experience for me and I look forward to jammin’ with him down the road. Here are a few pics.


Me practicing a bit…


Dash Crofts, in the green shirt, me in the back on the bass and my buddy on guitar.


My cat, Tomas, on my bass amp….

Dash and Ave.jpg

Dash and my buddy jammin’ to Diamond Girl.


Me and Dash after the concert.


Jim Seals and Dash Crofts in 1969.

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Sales, Tunica and 6 Strings

Posted on 03 August 2006 by SonHouse

I was rep a few years ago for an educational publisher out of California. My territory was over 1/2 the U.S. and at the time I was living in Chicago and calling on accounts in Memphis, TN. I actually lived in Memphis as a kid for about 5 years so whenever I was in town, and after my sales calls were done for the day, I would always check out my old neighborhood and swing by Graceland for a quick tour of the King’s Lair, then I would head down to Tunica Mississippi and play a few hands and spin the wheel for a bit before heading back to the hotel.


So..this one evening, I make the drive down to Tunica for a night out. I only have about $80 on me and I decide to play a little 21, $5 min. Well, things aren’t going so well, I don’t win many hands, and everytime I get ahead a bit, and press my bets, I give it all back. I decide to leave the tables and head over to the wheel with my last $20. I go ahead and put down, 4, $5 bets and wait for the spin. In roulette, if you hit a number it pays 35 to 1 so I hit one of the numbers and ended up with $175! sweet! I made my money back and then I let some of the bets ride by pressing them to $10, well, one of those hits, and I make $350. Now, I’m up about $400, not bad, this is kind of fun!


I continue to play similar numbers and my bets are $10, $15 and $20 and are paying $350, $525 and $700. This goes on for about 30 minutes, I’m winning, the table is following me, so everyone is winning and we are all slammin’ down the drinks and counting our chips. Things start to dry up a bit, so I decide to take my stack and leave for the evening. I’m so excited, I run to the bathroom and go into one of the stalls, and put the chips on the toilet tank to count them out. I really want to call my wife and tell her how much I won, but my brick cell phone circa 1994, doesn’t work worth a darn, so I hit the payphones and give her a call.


Me: “Hey”, “You’ll never guess how much money I won!”


My Wife: “$50?”


Me: “Nope”


My Wife: “$100?”


Me: “Nope”


My Wife: “ much?”


Me: “I’ve got over $3200 in chips in my pocket”


My Wife: “Screeeeeech….yahooo…when are you coming home?”


Me: “Pick me up tomorrow night at the airport and take me straight to the guitar store so I can pick out a new ax”


My Wife: “Ok…you get the guitar and I get the rest”


Anyway, so my wife picks me up and we head straight to guitar center outside of Chicago. I was thinking about a Les Paul, but decided on a Joe Pass signature series Jazz guitar by Epiphone. It’s a sweet hollow body electric guitar with a nice warm sound and great action. Total price tag: $800 with case and strap…sweet! I whip out my wad of 100’s and slap them down on the checkout counter. The guy tests the bills with his yellow marker, and then I’m good to go.


I wanted to buy the guitar for a few reasons, one, I just wanted a new guitar for myself and, two, I wanted to spend those winnings on something I could always say I won with the house’s money…so here it is, how sweet it is.


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My Paintings

Posted on 01 August 2006 by SonHouse

I enjoy painting as well…here are some of my canvases.





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