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eCPC At The Ad Campaign Level

Posted on 03 March 2007 by SonHouse

If you are going to play the cpc or ppc game to drive traffic to your site/offer, it will help if you can determine how much money you are in fact making or losing on a “per click” basis, that is before you even get those users to the advertiser or offer page in the hope of converting them to a sale or lead.

Most affiliate companies like Azoogleads do offer the eCPC info within your account but it is for those that have converted once they already clicked through to the offer page from your landing page.  That is great info to have, obviously, but does not tell the whole story.  I like to drill down even further and look at the eCPC at the ad campaign level.

How can you do this?  Well, you need to calculate your break even amount per click you are running.  For example, if your offer pays out $20 per lead you would simply divide the number of conversions by the TOTAL clicks at the ad campaign level and multiply that by the $20 payout.  If you have 5 leads from 200 ad clicks, not offer clicks, the break even point would be this:  5/200 * $20.00 = .50

So, that means if you can keep your adspend on average under .50 per click, you will make money…in fact, it’s a cash machine at this point.  The difference between what you spend and the break even point is profit, as long as it’s under the break even amount.  Just a few tweaks to make sure you are consistently holding your averages, then just crank up the adwords, adcenter and ysm ad budgets and watch the cash roll in.

I chart mine out in excel on a daily basis to make sure I can see what is happening with my campaigns.  I run ads in the 3 big networks so I have cells for each daily amount spent in each network, then I just do the math from there to show me how much I’m making on each click.

There is something very gratifying knowing that instead of paying out so much per click, I can tell myself, I’m making x amount every time someone clicks on one of my ads.  If a particular offer is not in the black, I continue to test it until I get it there or I drop it.

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Back In Google’s Index….well, sort of.

Posted on 27 August 2006 by SonHouse

I posted a few weeks back how one of my sites had been receiving increased traffic from google.  A bunch of my pages were getting number one spots in the SERPS for keywords I was targeting.  I was finally making some decent revenue and then one day, poof, it was gone.

This particular site is an aggregate site, put together from copyright free articles I found online.  After some research, I discovered that google may have banned the domain due to a duplicate content penalty.  Anyway, I had accepted that this is what probably happened and decided to move on and work on some other sites.  I submitted a reinclusion request, but never heard from google, one way or the other..then one day, boom, the pages were back in the index…well the supplemental index that is.

After doing some research about the supplemental index, I discovered that it is just one step above being gone all together.  I guess it’s better than nothing but I haven’t really seen any increase in the traffic to that site at this point.

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