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Yahoo Search Update

Posted on 03 August 2006 by SonHouse

Well..I spent most of the morning on the phone with Yahoo trying to get my account credited for the budget issue I had yesterday morning.  I was charged $224 yesterday, and my monthly budget was only $90, about $3 per day.  I had never used the product before and figured it was like Adwords, but it is in fact a bit different.  You have to pay very close attention to your bids and adjust accordingly..maybe if they hadn’t all run at 3am I would have known.   Also, they charge your card based on budgets that they determine over 3 day averages…so watch closely.

Anyway, I received a credit of $121 which was the total amount charged less my monthly budget, $90, plus an additional 15% of the budget, so my total credit was $103.  I should get that in a few days.

I learned a little lesson…you’ll get the traffic pretty fast, faster than with Adwords, but be sure to monitor your bids, and adjust your budget or you’ll wake up to find out you’ve been wiped out.

and yet another update:

I did hear back from the folks over at yahoo today and they said they were sorry but that another credit would not be possible and that the credit I did get was fair enough.  So, I wrote back and explained how disappointed I was to hear that along with a few other points.   A few hours later I received yet another email saying they reviewed my case, they even called here, again and decided to give me a $50 courtesy credit.  So, with the $100 sign up credit I got my cash back plus $50, not too bad.

another update:

I’m having some trouble getting these credits, it’s been over a week and they all said in phone calls and emails that the credits would appear in my account within 2 days.  Still working on it…

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Yahoo Search and the 11 Drafts

Posted on 03 August 2006 by SonHouse

Well I finally signed up for Yahoo Search Marketing last week.  I’ve been using Adwords for over a year or so, and started with AdCenter a few months back and just had never gotten around to signing up for Yahoo’s Ad product.  At the time of sign up, I put 13 ads together and deposited $20, and was waiting for the ads to clear.  During the sign up I set the monthly budget to $90 to start with, about $3 per day just to get things rollin’ and to start testing some ads.

Well…I wake up this morning and notice a bunch of emails from yahoo, 11 total, that tell me that my bank account has been charged $220.  Each email said I was charged $20, so that was the $220, all of which happened between 3-3:30am this morning.  Shit!  I panicked and looked at the stats and did see that I had received about 400 clicks all within about 30 minutes.  Needless to say, my keywords were high volume keywords and I had bid between .20 and .80 to try a few out.

It turns out that yahoo search’s daily budget won’t stop the ad activity right away, in fact it doesn’t stop things for a while.  I called a rep this morning to discuss the situation and she said that my bids were too high and their system could not catch up to the volume of clicks until I had reached over $220.  Now, I’ve been using Adwords for a long time, and they will go over budget a dollar or two sometimes, but never $217 over budget!  These companies probably double their revenue by letting publisher’s go over budget a little and I probably wouldn’t have called if I had hit $6 but $217?  I got on the phone asap….

My plan was to get things started and begin monitoring and tweaking the ads as I went along.  I never imagined they would get that kind of response within a few minutes and basically shut me down.  The good news is, the rep said they would credit my account for the difference in the budget that was set and what I was charged.  Also, I did manage to make a few bucks on some Contextual Ads and some CPA stuff…

Now, I need to tweak the ads some more and the landing pages, and perhaps try it again with the bigger budget.  If I can find the right formula, then it will be money in the bank.  Kind of exciting…

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