Close Eye On Your ROI

Posted on 09 June 2007 by SonHouse I’ve been working pretty hard on my ppc campaigns and have really tweaked each adgroup and keyword listing within specific campaigns to maximize profits.  It fun to see an adgroup that is producing a consistant profit without doing much.  There comes a point when you begin to see just what is working and what is not but like everyone says, “It takes time and a whole lot of testing”.   This part is where most people give up, I can be impatient as easy as the next guy but in this business you have to learn to be patient and continue testing everything until you see the dollars.  Once you’ve learned what works, just apply it to your other campaigns and increase your adspend.

Now, this strategy works with affiliate offers but it will work with any product or service, you just need to be able to track your campaigns with some analytics software and keep a very close eye on your ROI.  Usually including a small piece of java code on the confirmation page is all that it takes.  That can be a little tricky when you don’t have access to confirmation pages within affiliate companies, but if you send your account manager your code for each of the offers you are promoting, they can usually add it in.  If you are selling your own product or service on your own site, just include the code on whatever pages you are trying to convert.  Once you have this data you can keep close tabs on your ROI.

Now..just keep pluggin’ away.

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