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Finally, On My Own and Loving It!

Posted on 11 January 2013 by SonHouse

I’m pleased to announce that after years of struggle, I have finally been able to leave my day job behind and I now work for myself full time. Yippeee!!

Let’s see, it only took, hmmmm, I don’t know, 15 YEARS, but hey I made it, finally!  Better late than never, right?  Just goes to show that persistence does pay off if you work hard enough.

I started this blog 7 years ago wanting to share some of my stories of my online business pursuits.   I did pretty well at keeping up with the blog early on but let things slide over time as it was too much to maintain and I had too many other things going on.

Much has happened over the years, I tried and failed at a number of different projects, too many to even list, but was able to finally get a few of the projects off the ground, including a few sites, iPhone apps, consulting etc. enough to finally give my notice at the end of the last school year, as a elementary school teacher.  So I guess, technically I’ve been on my own now for about 6 months.

It really didn’t sink in until the beginning of this school year as I normally have the summers off anyway, so I didn’t really feel free until late August.  It’s taken me a few months to adjust but life is great and I’m able to focus on my businesses during normal business hours as opposed to staying up all night to get the work done.  What a treat!

I have some time now to post on the blog and plan on jumping back into it.  I’ll try and catch everyone up on my next post.  There are lots of things going on for sure.  Good to be back!

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