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Get Back

Posted on 11 August 2006 by SonHouse

Ok, I’m a kind of new to the game, having only been following SE trends for the last few months.  I’ve been doing SEO stuff for years, but never really followed the industry, just focused on a few sites and left it at that.  I’ve finally realized that there are others like me out there and have become very interested in getting involved more in the industry. 

I couldn’t go to San Jose this year, due to budget constraints and the fact that I have another job 🙁 but I do plan on going next year if all goes well.

So I’m eager to read what everyone has to say about the conference, the blogs have been pretty sparse this last week due to the show, and I’m kind of going through withdrawals here, so please, all you SEO’s out there, get home safely and start posting.  I look forward to reading and hearing what everyone has to say…..

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