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Google Sitemaps Changes to Google Webmaster Tools

Posted on 05 August 2006 by SonHouse

It looks like the google sitemaps team has been pretty busy.  They’ve officially changed Google Sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools.  It seems they are looking for ways to better communicate with us webmasters out here.    If you go to webmaster central, you’ll see a list of 6 tools, including:

Site Status Wizard:  Enter your URL to see your current indexing status.

Webmaster Tools:  Takes you to your sitemaps page.

Submit Your Content to Google:  Show you how to submit your content by adding your URL, using Google Base, Google Sitemaps, Google Book Partner Program, and Google Video Uploader Program

Google’s Blog for Webmasters:  The webmaster blog

Google’s Discussion group for Webmasters: User groups

Webmaster Help Center:  Webmaster guidelines, etc.

After checking it out, the sitemaps UI is a bit different.  There is a feature to tell google whether you would like your site indexed with or without the www although it will take some time to make the changes in the index.

You can also apparently download a csv file that shows where your site ranks within top queries..that could be helpful.

They’ve made other improvements on crawling error stats and with the site verification for security reasons.

More changes are yet to come.

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