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Google Uses ROI Tracking Info Against You

Posted on 24 August 2008 by SonHouse

One of the things a good ppc affiliate does, of course, is to track which keywords are returning your best ROI.  This filters out those keywords that are non performers therefore lowering your adspend and raising your total ROI, Return On Investment.

You can do this a few different ways:

1.  Using Network Sub Id’s

2.  Using Google, Yahoo and MSN Tracking

3.  Using 3rd Party Applications

I’ve used all 3 of these and have considered lately what is to stop google, yahoo and msn for that matter, from using the ROI information that you have in your account on each keyword from raising the min bids on those keywords to a point that they know you will still bid yet they will make the most money they can?

I’m not sure if this is the case but it makes sense to me that they would do this.  Some really big super affiliates only use google to track roi yet I remain a little leary to do the same.

It’s very tempting, don’t get me wrong I do it on some of my campaigns.  It’s easy to implement, the user interface is great and makes tracking ROI for thousands of keywords very easy.  I just can’t help but think google is sitting behind the curtain laughing as their algorithm triggers my min bids to increase as my roi does.

If you have any take on this subject please leave some comments.  I’d like to hear what all of you have to say on the matter.

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