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2007 Business Goals

Posted on 24 December 2006 by SonHouse

Ok…so I’ve made it through another year in the shareware business and have seen some steady increases in sales for all of my products. The revamped sites have been doing well and are listed for the keywords that I am targeting which is good.


There is one product that is doing better than the others so I will focus on a new version of that product for next year. I’ve been emailing customers, surveys, to help me determine new features for the new version and overall feedback of the product. The response has been very positive and I believe that next year, I will see increases at least 2 fold.


I’ve partnered up with my coder on my next big project which should be released sometime early next year. We’ve been working together for years, all online as he is from Romania, and although we’ve never spoken on the phone or met face to face, we have developed a good working relationship and with IM and email we are able to get things done.


In other areas, I would like to tweak my affiliate relationships and work harder to drive sales down that channel. I’ve been using Azoogleads but plan on developing some other relationships so I don’t have all my eggs in one basket. Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative but its very challenging to pick the right offers and build successful landing pages etc. I’ve been learning quite a bit from listening to web master radio and would like to attend a few SES shows next year to learn even more.


On the contextual side, Adsense and YPN have been fair although with the smart pricing from Adsense and the fact that YPN still shows ads that are not relevant, it’s been a challenge to see significant gains.


I’ve been working on a wiki in the education market that I hope will pick up steam next year. The site is up and running but as will all other sites, traffic is the key, and getting people to find the site is always difficult. I have been listed for specific posts on the wiki which is good, but the idea is to build a site where the users create and control the content, so the more content the better. I’ll continue to work on posts myself and try and recruit users to contribute as much as possible.


Anyway, those are a few of my goals for the upcoming year and I look forward to 2007.


Happy Holidays!

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