PPC Classroom – Day 18 – 3 More, Rock On!

Posted on 19 October 2007 by SonHouse

Just got back from lunch and opened my affiliate account to see 3 more sales in the last few hours.  That’s another $51 in revenue, sweet!!   My adspend today for this campaign has only been about $6 so my net profit so far today on this campaign, $45, not bad.  So, 5 conversions in 24 hours, a good start.

I’m trying to figure out if I can load cost and commission reports throughout the day into OMS so I can see in real time what is going on.  I’m assuming the data will just overwrite any existing data from the same day, we’ll see how and if it works.

I’ve also been fooling around with some direct linking campaigns.  I’ve never really tried this as I heard it was a waste of time but after last night’s PPC Classroom call, Jeremy spent about 30 minutes talking about it, I decided to give it another try.  I’m using the OMS tool to track everything.  OMS is really helpful in generating the destination urls needed to track keyword ROI.  I’m working on getting all reports setup and emailed to me automatically on a daily basis.  This way when I get up in the morning I’ll have everything ready to go and can spend the rest of the time working on adding more campaigns.

Looks like I’m also going to start working on campaigns in yahoo and msn for this niche since I’ve had 5 sales in the last 24 hours.

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  1. Rob Says:

    Five sales in 24hrs! Super. Heck, I think it took weeks for me to get that. Are these physical products on CJ that you’re promoting or some other affiliate network? Also, does it appear that PPC Classroom will work for CPA campaigns?

  2. SonHouse Says:

    It’s a CPA offer on a different network. I’ve joined them all over the last year. I’ve discovered it’s good to spread out the offers and diversify big time. I think that PPC Classroom is working so far on the higher payout CPA sale offers but I haven’t tried it on the smaller ones yet.

  3. Mike1115 Says:

    Awesome news about the sales! I’m still getting my plans together but it looks like I’ll have my first campaigns ready to go next week, well at least my first testing.

    Keep it up!

  4. Rob Says:

    That’s what I’m looking to get into. I’ve read that the fact is 7 out of 10 CPA offers won’t make you money and will actually cost you. You have to quickly identify those and cut them loose, and do what you’re doing. That is, focus on the winners.

    Did you have much success with CPA prior to PPC Classroom and does the course specifically address CPA?

  5. SonHouse Says:

    The big problem with CPA offers that don’t have a high enough payout is you just can’t get your breakeven point to a place where you can make some decent money. Nothing like spending $500 to generate $520 in revenue. I’m experimenting with a few different direct linking campaigns and some will be CPA offers that have payouts of $2.00. I’ll post what happens with those asap. I do think PPC Classroom tips will work with CPA offers, I’m using the sofware, OMS as well to help track everything.

  6. SonHouse Says:

    Thanks Mike1115 and good luck with your campaigns. Testing is the key to long term success with these offers for sure.

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