PPC Classroom – Day 22 – Conversions are Coming In

Posted on 26 October 2007 by SonHouse

I’ve had a few more good conversion days with my campaigns.  Each one had a few leads that generated about $60 in revenue today.  Some of the direct campaigns are starting to show some conversions but I’m not sure which keywords are converting yet as I am not able to load all the reports into OMS until the next day.  So I should know more by tomorrow..I could load an incomplete report I guess to get some data but I’ll wait until the day is complete before I start uploading reports.

I’m trying to establish a routine of sorts for uploading these reports and analyzing the data.  I tend to want to look at revenue all the time but I’m trying to do that one time a day and spend the rest of the time building new campaigns.

On a bit of a different note and quite off the subject…I’m heading to Kansas City today with some old high school buddies to see Van Halen, old school, with David Lee Roth.  Should be a fun trip.  I saw them back in 1986 with Sammy Hagar during the 5150 tour so it’s been a while.  I’ll give a full report when I return.  Rock on!

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  1. Mike 11|15 Media Says:

    Van Halen rocks! Enjoy the show.

  2. SonHouse Says:

    Thanks Mike! The show was great, I just got back into town. They delivered for sure…Eddie VH was on fire all night.

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