PPC Classroom – Day 26 – Using OMS

Posted on 25 November 2007 by SonHouse

One of the main reasons I purchased the PPC Classroom course was for the tool that Jeremy Palmer developed called Optimize My Site or OMS.  The first version that came with the course was pretty bare bones but seemed to do the job.

Basically, the program works like this…you create a campaign in adwords, then upload that campaign to the OMS database.  You install the tool on your own server.  Ideally on the domain you are going to use it on.  You can install it on a tracking domain but I opted to install a copy on each domain that I wanted to track.

Once the campaign is uploaded you can then export your keyword tracking urls very easily and the cut and paste them back into your adwords account.  So, now when the user clicks on your affiliate link they are tracked using OMS and if a conversion occurs you will know which keyword within that campaign triggered the conversion.

Adwords provides conversion tracking but you need to get the conversion code installed on the merchant’s conversion pages, which can be difficult, some don’t allow it, so the OMS tool that comes with PPC Classsroom proves to be an invaluable tool.

In order to track properly though, you have to upload, on a daily basis, all cost and commission reports from the ad and affiliate networks.  This can be somewhat time consuming but is worth it to find out which keywords are converting.

The other great thing that OMS does, is allow you to analyze your ROI for all ad networks combined.  This can really give you a high level view as to which campaign, ad groups and keywords are making you the most money.  In addition, OMS has a variety of reports you can run to fully analyze and evaluate the performance of your campaigns.  You will then be able to OPTIMIZE those campaigns that have a great ROI and increase your revenue dramatically.

Version 1.2 has just been released which includes a flexible import tool that allows us to add new affiliate networks to the list.  This is a great feature as there are 100’s if not 1000’s of affiliate networks out there, all with different reporting formats and this feature allows us to build out the reporting formats that correlate with whatever network you are working with.

Also, Jeremy has been very good about building different features that the PPC Classroom students have asked for, I’m proud to say even a few of my suggestions have made it into the latest version, so check it out if you haven’t.  This tool alone is probably worth the purchase price of PPC Classroom if you use it correctly.

Oh, and one other thing the OMS tool does is it allows you to create cloaked links for all of your affiliate links.  This is really good if you want to hide your affiliate id info from other affiliates or just give the user a consisntent experience with your site.  If they hover over the link, instead of seeing some foreign looking link, they will see a link with your domain in it so they may feel more comfortable clicking on it therefore increasing your traffic and leads.

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