PPC Classroom Live – Sales Event or Training Event?

Posted on 03 December 2007 by SonHouse

I just got back from PPC Classroom Live in Las Vegas this morning, at 5am, I’m wiped out from the intense traveling, see other posts, and the 2 long days of PPC Classroom Live.

Ok, so overall, the event was really good.  I’ll probably go again if they have one.  The speakers were fantastic, very professional and extremely informative and knowledgeable in their various fields of expertise, however, the format of the event was a bit unexpected.

Now, I want to preface things by saying that I am a fan of Anik and Jeremys and I believe in their product, PPC Classroom, and feel I have received a tremendous amount of value from the PPC Classroom course.

It was a great deal for the $500 price tag and the trip to Vegas was kind of the icing on the cake for me.  Even though it was pitched as free for signing up, there was $97 deposit to attend.  The deposit was to be refunded or you could apply it towards the purchase of the Live event DVD’s, which is what I did.

Having said that, I guess I was expecting the event to be primarily a PPC Classroom training session, presented by Anik and Jeremy, with a very “hands on” approach or style to the material covered in the course in much greater detail.  More like a true “classroom” atmosphere.

What actually occurred were 8 presentations/sales pitches back to back.  Now, the presentations were very good and I received a tremendous amount of value out of them and did learn quite a bit, but at the end of the day, they were sales pitches.

The goal of the speaker was to acquire new clients.  Now, is there anything wrong with that?  No way, I’m all about trying to make a buck but I guess I didn’t really expect that at this event, or at least, not that much of it.   I did expect the sales tables outside the event room and perhaps a few presentation/pitches for ongoing education courses but 8 back to back?  I wasn’t expecting that!

One thing I have to remind myself, is that these guys, Anik, Jeremy and the speakers are all very savvy internet marketers.  They are marketing to us at the end of the day.  We, the ppc classroom students, are their customers.

I couldn’t help but feel a little funny about this over the 2 days, sort of like we were all in this large fish bowl and the presenters were swimming around us counting the possible sales they may get at the end of their pitch.

At 2k to 3k a pop, a speaker could easily generate 10k to 100k in revenue in a 90 minute presentation and a trip to the “back table” to sign up new clients.  I know for a fact that one of them, maybe even two, hit the 100k mark as I overheard some of the organizers and speakers discussing the day’s sales in the back of the room.

So, what else was I expecting?  I thought Jeremy and Anik would spend a large part of the time reviewing the PPC Classroom course material and apply it using real world examples.  Perhaps, setting up a few campaigns from scratch and installing the Optimize My Site tool, and demonstrating, in great detail, how it works and what you should be doing on a daily basis to manage your campaigns would have been great.  Also, a Q&A panel of the experts and speakers for a few hours would have been a nice addition to the schedule.

Perhaps next time they should try alternating the speakers/sales pitches with other training sessions, and a Q&A panel, etc.   All of this would temper the speakers/sales pitches and really balance out the event I think.

A few other tips and suggestions for next time would include getting a much bigger room, the chairs were pretty uncomfortable and way too close together.  Perhaps box lunches or some other buffet type arrangement with the hotel could be arranged for meals to keep everyone relatively close by.

All and all, the Live event was great! Kudos to Anik and Jeremy for pulling it off as well as they did.  I know something like this is difficult to put together and I have to say it was well organized and very well staffed.

Networking possibilities were all over the place.  You just had to get up and move around the room.  Anik, Jeremy and the others were available to talk to and very approachable.

Overall, the event was great and I will go again.  Now that I fully understand what the format may be like next time, I’ll be better prepared to listen to a sales pitch.  Hell, I may even purchase a few next time.

Anyway, what did you think?  Sales Event or Training Event?

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  1. Rob Says:

    Sure seems like a sales event to me. I would have been pissed if it were me expecting to attend a training seminar. Honestly, when do the pitches end and the real success type training come into play? Answer: NEVER

    Because you will not become anything more than a customer dabbling in the mucky waters they cast you in until you break out away from them. Why? because how else do they keep you spending your money with them? Many don’t even see the paradox. Or ignore it.

    Bottom line… their game will not ever be your game until you become one of them. Or one like them. Think they will just give that to you or even let you buy it? Think again. Only enough to keep you coming back for more. Because if that were to happen, they stop making money. Period.

    I know what it’s like to personally generate $80-100k per month on a consistant basis. I can tell you it’s not by buying into the hyped up solicitations you get all those emails about. I can go on, but why should I? These courses are made for dreamers. And if you are and want to remain just a dreamer, than keep doing what your doing. To actually live the dream requires something a bit different. Much more gratifing in fact.

    Perhaps I would share what it is for me. Truth is, it could be something different for you, but the methodology would be the same. No black box mind you. Just good ole’ fashioned work. It’s the KIND of work that makes the difference. That’s all. Knowing the kinds of things to work at. Applying what you know to the opportunities that surround you.

    Most folks reading this already know enough to do this. Take the time to evaluate how you want to make you mark in life. What you want to do to be financially successful. Then just do it! There is more than enough information out there for free or at minimal cost to help you forge your way. You don’t need anyone to be your crutch. Take responsiblity for your own success and stay on task.

    Me and the few that I chose to work with will close out this year with over $5 million in revenue at about 30% profit. That’s a pretty comfortable living. What’s more, we are on track to add 25-30% to that next year! I bet you can get on the same track. I’m rooting for you.

  2. SonHouse Says:

    Yeah…I was a bit upset after hearing 2 sales pitches back to back then I just decided to focus and make the most out of the information that was being presented.

    I did come to realize during the event that unless I were to ever join them on the other side of the table, I’ll always be a customer or client in their eyes and not much else. Like you said, “their game will not ever be your game until you become one of them”.

    Anyway, I work hard at my affiliate efforts and do certainly believe that hard work is the only true way to achieve great success. I am very close to living the dream..I can taste it.

    Congrats on your success…it sounds like you are doing quite well. Perhaps you can show me how you are making the big bucks…I’d be interested in learning more if you care to share.

  3. Bernard Says:

    I’ve felt like you before and I’ve also been to $2000 events where all the speakers pitched at the end of their sessions.

    I’ve also had a chance to speak to several speakers.

    One thing that’s important to understand: the speakers don’t get paid to speak. Not only that, they arrive at the event on their own dime. So, now they’ve paid money out of their pocket to lend credibility to someone else’s event.

    What’s in it for them?

    Some kind of pitch is the only compensation their going to get.

    Now I’m waiting for the first profit sharing conference. Where the speakers share the profits equally and therefore no need for pitching — or “continued education” — i.e., the popular replacement term.

  4. SonHouse Says:

    Hey Bernard,

    Thanks for commenting on this post. I understand to some degree that the pitch is necessary if that’s how the event is organized and how the speakers are compensated.

    Although, I understood that this event was to be a training event with a few speakers. Basically, the entire thing was presentations followed by pitches. I just took as much out of it as I could, the speakers were really good..so I did learn a few things.

    It was my first internet marketing conference. I’ve been to other conferences in other industries for the last 20 years so I’m not new to live events but I am new to this type of marketing event.

    Oh well…live and learn right?

    Yeah, I agree the profit sharing conference should be the way to go..but I guess that would be up to the organizers.

    Thanks again for your comments and good luck with your business.

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