Many people ask me how I make money online and quite simply, I wouldn’t make much money at all if it weren’t for these invaluable companies and tools that I use daily. Everything that I have listed below, I use so you can feel comfortable in knowing that these, “tools of the trade” really make a difference and will help you achieve your financial goals.

I do make a small commission if you decide to order any of these products after clicking on one of the links below. It’s really just a referral fee for introducing you to theses companies. I do not list any companies here that I do not use personally and stand behind them 100%!

Godaddy – you can’t do much online if you do not have a domain name and domain registrar you can depend on. GoDaddy is inexpensive and easy to use. They run specials throughout the year so you can renew your domains in batches for a discounted rate.

Hostgator – Every website has to have a host, someplace where the files of your website actually reside. Hostgator is very reasonable and service is great, 24/7. They have multiple hosting plans.

Bluehost – Another great company for hosting websites.

aWeber – This is probably the number one company out there for email management.  I highly recommend this one as it’s hard to build your business without starting a list.  It’s very easy to use and well respected in the industry.

aMember – Membership softare

WordPress – Content management platform.  Wordpress is very easy to use and setup.

Getresponse  – Another email tool, a little more expensive but has a few nice options.

Traffricwave – Yet another email list management platform.

Clickbank – Affiliate products.  Promote these offers and earn some cash!

Adknowledge – Affiliate offers

Neverblueads – More affiliate offers

Adsense – Earn money while serving ads to your users.

Adwords –  Advertise your business.

Analytics – Study your online traffic..must have.

Paypal – Online merchant account.  Very easy to use.



Elance – Outsourcing

Freelancer – Outsourcing