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Start out with a goal of $1 a day….

Posted on 10 September 2006 by SonHouse

Strive to make that first $1 per day and watch it grow over time.  It seems like a rather modest goal, $1 a day in whatever you are doing, contextual advertising, affiliate marketing, shareware sales, product sales, whatever but after you hit that first $1, and continue to work hard, you’ll see that $1 grow into $2, $3, and more per day.

I have a few sites with contextual ads running on them.  These sites have thousands of pages so if I make just pennies a day per page, the end result adds up.  For this plan to generate some serious income though, those pages need to be listed organically in the search engines and rank high in the serps, which is an art in and of itself.  More on that later….

Remember that each little increase per day will amount to larger returns at the end of the month come direct deposit time, so don’t give up and keep working hard to achieve those long term goals.

Read here how one my projects is starting out.  You can follow how I will grow this project from less than $1 per day to hopefully $10’s, $100’s if not $1000’s per day over time.

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