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Testing + Testing + Testing = Big Dollars

Posted on 19 February 2008 by SonHouse

You know, one of the biggest things I have learned in this business is the importance of testing.  This was confirmed once again when I listened to David Bullock’s PPC Live presentation on multivariate/multivariable testing.  I just received the videos this week from PPC Live and have been soaking them in these last few days.

Bullock is an expert in the field and his approach is very scientific but fairly simple.  He basically says, if you test your data inputs, ie headline copy, landing pages, images, text etc. , against existing controls, you will always find a winning combination that will bring your campaigns to a profitable status.  Constant testing will eventually get to a point that levels off and then you know you’re done.

For example, how many of you are split testing your ad copy?  Not many probably.  When I first started PPC, I would set up a campaign with thousands of keywords and 1 ad and let it run.  Of course the results were terrible, but I didn’t realize I was doing something wrong.

The correct way is to segment your campaign into highly targeted adgroups with small lists of keywords, each with targeted ads complete with tracking urls for each keyword.  I set up 2 ads to start and test over a weeks time to get the data and find the winning ad. Then I pause the loser and create a new ad with different variations of the winning ad and keep testing from there.  Small changes can produce BIG results!  Do this over and over and your winning ads will always float to the top….

I’ve taken ads that were at .50 CTR and turned them into ads with over a 5% CTR.  Of course google loves this and will reward you for highly targeted relevant ads and landing pages by lowering your cpc amount.  Nice!!

If you are tracking everything properly, you will see exactly which keywords and adgroups are bringing you the cash then it’s just a matter of scaling those campaigns and making frequent trips to the bank to deposit those big checks.

So start testing if you’re not, and watch your profits soar.

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  1. Melvin Says:

    What tracking tool do you use to track your individual keywords ?


  2. SonHouse Says:

    Hey Melvin,

    I’m using Optimize My Site, OMS from PPC Classroom and Jeremy Palmer right now. I also use google’s tracking code as well within Adwords. I’m looking into xtreme conversions as well..

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