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Yahoo Search and the 11 Drafts

Posted on 03 August 2006 by SonHouse

Well I finally signed up for Yahoo Search Marketing last week.  I’ve been using Adwords for over a year or so, and started with AdCenter a few months back and just had never gotten around to signing up for Yahoo’s Ad product.  At the time of sign up, I put 13 ads together and deposited $20, and was waiting for the ads to clear.  During the sign up I set the monthly budget to $90 to start with, about $3 per day just to get things rollin’ and to start testing some ads.

Well…I wake up this morning and notice a bunch of emails from yahoo, 11 total, that tell me that my bank account has been charged $220.  Each email said I was charged $20, so that was the $220, all of which happened between 3-3:30am this morning.  Shit!  I panicked and looked at the stats and did see that I had received about 400 clicks all within about 30 minutes.  Needless to say, my keywords were high volume keywords and I had bid between .20 and .80 to try a few out.

It turns out that yahoo search’s daily budget won’t stop the ad activity right away, in fact it doesn’t stop things for a while.  I called a rep this morning to discuss the situation and she said that my bids were too high and their system could not catch up to the volume of clicks until I had reached over $220.  Now, I’ve been using Adwords for a long time, and they will go over budget a dollar or two sometimes, but never $217 over budget!  These companies probably double their revenue by letting publisher’s go over budget a little and I probably wouldn’t have called if I had hit $6 but $217?  I got on the phone asap….

My plan was to get things started and begin monitoring and tweaking the ads as I went along.  I never imagined they would get that kind of response within a few minutes and basically shut me down.  The good news is, the rep said they would credit my account for the difference in the budget that was set and what I was charged.  Also, I did manage to make a few bucks on some Contextual Ads and some CPA stuff…

Now, I need to tweak the ads some more and the landing pages, and perhaps try it again with the bigger budget.  If I can find the right formula, then it will be money in the bank.  Kind of exciting…

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